Murphy is lost, and we need your help to find him.

Murphy is a 30-pound, black, beagle-type dog. He was lost near the shelter and then spotted Jan. 9 in Brown County State Park. There was another possible sighting Jan. 12 near Belmont. Murphy is new to the area and doesn’t know his way around.

If you find Murphy, or think you’ve seen him at any point, call 812-320-2829, or take him to the Brown County Humane Society shelter, 128 State Road 135 South.

Please help spread the word to find Murphy.

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— Brown County Humane Society

Dog of the Week

What’s Darrell got in common with Matt Hasselbeck and Adam Vinatieri? Lots! He’s a bit older but is super athletic and can outrun all the younger dogs. He’s a people lover and has enough personality to fill Lucas Oil Stadium. Darrell also gives his all to the game and loves learning new tricks. He was a star in his dog training class. At the end of the day, Darrell definitely appreciates a nice belly rub and a cuddle on the couch while watching the game.

Cat of the Week

Tanner loves his toys. There’s the jingle bell and the string on a stick, both of which he loves. But his favorite entertainment is watching the robot vacuum. He can even turn it on by himself! After he’s all played out, Tanner will curl up on your lap for a cuddle and a nap. He’s a sweet little guy with a tiny meow and a big heart. Tanner has feline leukemia, but he’s healthy. He just needs to be an only cat (people and other animals are great!).

Darrell and Tanner’s adoption fees have both been sponsored, so there is no fee for approved adopters.