The Create It With Gingerbread Log Cabin Competition will not continue for a sixth year.

Organizers decided to call it off last week due to a lack of entries. The early-bird entry deadline was Oct. 15.

Mary Falker Howard said only five adults notified the committee that they were going to participate, and no students.

Only one child had signed up for the children’s gingerbread house decorating workshop Nov. 21, so it was canceled, too.

“The committee really hates to do this, but it just isn’t happening,” she said.

The contest began in 2010 to pay tribute to Brown County’s log cabin heritage. The first year, three dozen people entered cabins made entirely of edible materials.

The level of detail and skill that went into some entries was so high that this year, the organizers had announced a new contest division exclusively for past contest winners, so novices could have a chance to win.

“The past entries have been so awesome, everybody we talk to about entering says they cannot compete, don’t want to look silly, etc.,” Howard said this summer.

The best of show award was $1,000. Entries were then auctioned to benefit Mother’s Cupboard Community Kitchen.