New teacher: Schwenk

Justin Schwenk

Teaching: Special education students at Brown County Junior High SchoolWhere are you from, originally?

I grew up in Brown County, and I am an alumnus of Brown County Schools.

Where did you work before coming here?

The majority of my 13-year educational career has been spent in the Vigo County School Corporation in Terre Haute. I spent one year each at Atterbury Job Corps and Ben Davis High School in Indianapolis while I transitioned my family from Terre Haute to the Brown County community.

What made you decide to be a teacher?

I credit much of who I am not only to my father, who worked in Brown County Schools for a time, but also to the excellent preparation given to me by teachers like Valarie DeWar, Matt Stark, Bob Galm, Rudy Crabtree and more too numerous to mention. It is because of them and my desire to give back to my community that I followed a career in education.

What are you most looking forward to this school year?

Being able to expand the horizons of the youth of Brown County and watch as my own two children begin their educational careers at Van Buren Elementary.

What is one thing you want your students to know about you?

As a Brown County native, I appreciate their experiences and perspective and that I am here to advocate for them. Furthermore, that it is very possible to leave, find success and return to your hometown with perspectives that will enrich and add to the fabric of the community.