Christmas list: A home for the holidays

As the holiday gift-giving time quickly approaches, we might think about how much fun it would be to give someone a cute puppy or a cuddly kitten. Cats and dogs are the most loyal and loving friend you will find. Making them a part of your family is a lifetime commitment.

Are pets the best gift during the holiday season? These cute and cuddly pets are forever commitments that should not be taken lightly. The new “baby” will need at least annual medical care, truckloads of patience, walks, exercise, clean litter boxes, coats brushed, baths and so much more.

With the cold weather setting in, there is no blanket as warm as having a cat curl up on your lap or a dog by your side watching your favorite movie. We fondly remember our first pet and still smile when we think about the fun times we had with them.

So, how should we give a pet as a gift? First, it would be a good idea if the new pet owner picks their pet. Here is how it can be done:

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Take a drive over to the Brown County Humane Society and spend time with our pets. The staff would be happy to assist you and your family in selecting the right pet. If you are worried about not having a present under the tree, take the time to go to your local pet store and buy some fun accessories for the new pet and put those items under the tree.

Adopting a pet is a very important, and we want everyone to think about this completely before jumping in. The saddest thing would be to get a pet for the holidays and, once the novelty wears off, forget about him, put him outside without a backward glance or turn him back in to the shelter.

This is extremely sad for everyone. The adopter misses out on great adventures with that pet, and the pet loses a home. It is estimated that one third of all gifted pets are relinquished to shelters in less than two months.

As you explore the options, stop by the Brown County Humane Society and ask for help to guide you through the process. Don’t be a statistic. Take the time needed and carefully think about how you might give a loving pet as a gift.

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Holiday Spay/Neuter special is $1 per pet until Dec. 31. Call SPOT 812-703-0797.

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