Children’s book features illustrations from Brown County artist

Greenwood native Jodi Scheve has just published her second book for children, “The Sand Crabs Journey Home.”

It features artwork by the same illustrator as in her first book, Kara Barnard from Brown County.

When Scheve is not writing, she runs the Twisted Wick Candle Co. shop in Brown County with her husband, Rich.

The Scheve family lives in Martinsville. She is a 1999 Greenwood Community High School graduate.

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Here’s a little more about the author:

Q: Where do your ideas for writing come from?

A: I guess I’m just a creative person in general. I have a lot of ideas. The book idea came from wanting to teach our son, Richie, 4, certain concepts. The first book I wrote, “The Cow Jumped Over the ABC’s,” was to teach the upper and lower case letters of the alphabet.

Q: What is this book about?

A: It is an educational experience that teaches children to count to 100. It follows the adventures of 100 sand crabs trying to get back home to their parents.

Q: How do you balance responsibilities with work, writing your books and caring for your son?

A: With the candle shop, I run it with my husband and a couple employees. I help with trade shows; and during our busy season, I do a lot of the marketing and business. I’m lucky I spend most of my time with Richie.

Q: What do you hope people get out of reading your new book?

A: The book is going to help teach kids to count to 100. It helped Richie. I hope it’s a great tool for other kids. The first book helped teach the letters really well. (Richie) can count to 100 and has learned to recognize each actual number up to 100. He is reading at a first- or second-grade level currently.

Q: Where can people learn more?

A: My book will be for sale on and at Twisted Wick.

Anna Herkamp writes for the Daily Journal (Johnson County), a sister newspaper to the Brown County Democrat.