Cormella Marcum: “Church services at Brown County Health and Living”

Carl Wooton: “Daughter-in-law, well, and family, and Gator Golf brings out the spring in me’”

Julius “Bob” Grabenhofer: “Family and friends”

Rebecca Battin: “Daughter having another baby

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and family”

Robert “Bob” Smith: “Daughter and country”

Sandy Woodall: “Thankful for living”

Troy Steen: “Thankful for living and family”

Merle Draper: “Thankful for the care and support from the Brown County Health and Living family”

Ruth Williams: “Family”

Paula Vance: “Daughter and sister-in-law”

Shirley Salmons: “Jesus Christ our Savior and family”

Naomi Henley: “Good health and family”

Wilma Wheeler: “Family

and friends”

Donald Roberts: “Family”

Maurene Jessup: “Children”

Clara Roedl: “Everything”

Anna May: “Family”

Dorothy Hash: “Family”

Virginia Pyles: “My parents and wonderful people”

Walter Taylor: “Being

at Brown County Health

and Living with good

people, friends”

Edith Francis: “Family in and out of Brown County Health and Living”

Joe Poynter: “Being alive and family”

John Lucas: “Place to live and good people to take care of me, feeling well”

Ria Zook: “Family”

Paul Lorenz: “Being alive, family and grandkids”

Erlena Deckard: “Family and health”

Medeice Marshall: “Family and kids”

Earl Beitenhaus: “For Brown County Health and Living family and friends”

Hazel Lindall: “Thank the Lord for saving my soul”

Charles Sites: “Wife,

32 years of marriage and

six kids”

Alma Keltner: “Family, clean, warm place to live and balanced meals”

Betty Land: “Thankful for Brown County Health and Living helping me”

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Suzannah Couch grew up in Brown County, reading the Brown County Democrat. A 2013 Franklin College graduate, she covers cops/courts, education and arts/entertainment.